Our Commitments


We will never not share the gospel. Everything we do as a student ministry is motivated by the fact that God sent his son to die a death a didn't deserve, for sin He didn't commitment; that He was obedient where we were disobedient, and that in taking our sin on Him, He placed the righteousness of His son on us. We believe this is laid hold of through faith in Christ and repentance of our sins.

Expository Teaching

Expository teaching means that whatever we teach, it is rooted in scripture and we approach the bible on the terms it has laid out for itself. Generally speaking, we go through a book of the bible on Sunday mornings, passage by passage and verse by verse. Wednesday nights are topical, but still rooted in the truth of the bible. Although we like to have fun, our focus isn't on entertainment, but on studying the inspired Word of God. You can see what we're currently studying, below.

Whole Life Discipleship

Our goal as a student ministry is not merely to have students profess faith in Christ, but so they will grow up in maturity in the faith, following all of Christ for all of life. Discipleship is about a love for others that naturally flows out of our love for God and results in a desire to be obedience to what he has commanded us to do. Whole Life discipleship in our student ministry creates opportunities for one-on-one, small group, and church wide discipleship that is both taught and caught.

Our Current Series

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Special Events

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